Listen to "What is the point of a Makerspace?" on the Cult of Pedagogy podcast here.

Why should you include a Makerspace in your classroom?

Students BUILD CONFIDENCE as they learn to use a hammer or hot glue gun and make something out of nothing.

Kids GROW THEIR CREATIVITY as they create mixed media works of art out of recycled materials or scraps of paper.

and, they learn to PROBLEM SOLVE when their first idea does not work or they need a different way to attach googly eyes!

A Makerspace can be:

  • One corner of your classroom or a cart

  • A once a week, hands-on learning experience

  • A weeklong, intensive experience

  • Used for enrichment clusters or other student choice experiences

  • Integrated with your existing core curriculum units

What do kids do in the Makerspace?

  • Create meaningful and purposeful work

  • Make connections between core content and real life

  • Work at their own pace

  • Dive deeper into projects they find relevant

  • Master real life skills, tools and more

  • Make stuff!