Makerspace: How to Begin

We begin each Maker Project with an inspiring multicultural story.

Then, we share an open-ended prompt and materials with kids and teach them any new skills they need.

Finally, we step back and watch kids make and create!

After reading My Rainy Day Rocket Ship by Markette Sheppard, we set out bins of construction paper, wall paper samples and pieces of aluminum foil. Kids also had access to scissors, glue and markers.

Then, we shared the outer space prompt with our students and let them create!

Start your Makerspace experience with these free samples!

Read So Big and So Small by John Coy to your K-2 students. Then, share paper plates, card stock, glue, scissors and crayons and challenge your kids to make something bigger than their hand but smaller than their head!

The World is not a Rectangle tells the story of architect Zaha Hadid. After reading this inspiring story, ask your students to create their version of a famous structure with paper towel tubes, cardboard, recycled containers, duct tape and anything else you can find!

A note to parents asking for donations of recyclables is a quick way to boost your Makerspace supplies for free.

This Agriculture Sample is a great project for Fall! Kids listen to Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table and then create their own crop art.

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