Newton's 3rd Law of Motion NGSS MS-PS2-1

In the Newton's 3rd Law mini unit, students explore bouncing balls as they construct their own meaning of equal and opposite reactions! Kids identify the laws of motion at work during their favorite sport or activity. Then, students design a space vehicle carrying sensitive equipment (an egg) that can withstand collisions with large asteroids (basketballs)!

Extension activities challenge kids to design an original toy that demonstrates the 3rd law of motion!

Anchor Phenomenon Ideas: Show students this arrow vs. concrete video, have them jump on a mini trampoline or watch Newton's cradle and let the discussion begin! Use the questions your students come up with to make connections throughout your unit.

Make it Relevant: Engage students by asking about their favorite sports or activities. Take a class survey to see which sports are the most popular to watch or play.

Tips and Tricks: Students often need practice identifying actions and reactions. Review the trampoline and rocket ship example in the packet as well as the arrow vs concrete example above.

These are good starting points for students as they research favorite sports and activities:

Extension Activity: Students can use balloons, Legos, tape, straws, paper and any other miscellaneous extra materials you have available to create their original toy.